Yorik the Wonder Dog
AncientRidge Magic Arrow CD, RE, THD, CGC, VNE, TDI
Breed: Norwegian Elkhound

       Yorik was born October 18, 2005, in Larissa, Greece.  He flew from Greece to Frankfurt, Germany, then to New York City, and on to Colorado, later traveling to Kansas, where we picked him from the three puppies the breeder had for us to consider. Yorik was described as a "people pleaser" and is he ever! He just loves to do tricks and make people laugh. When we got him, we already had plans to start the Tricky Dog Show, and we began teaching him tricks the very first week he was at our house. It was soon evident that, with food as a motivator, Yorik would do just about anything - and it's still that way!
       Yorik is always happy with a big grin on his face. He's not nearly as "serious" as his sister, Majik. Sometimes in the middle of a show he might get a little "creative" with a trick and do it his own way, rather than the way it is planned!
       He'll wear any hat or outfit, and loves showing off.
       Yorik loves Majik, and thinks we got her to be "his dog". When they are in the house they are usually side by side. They play together all the time.  He also really likes to go in the car. Whenever we get the keys out, he runs to the door to go along, and if we are going to McDonald's well....that's just extra good!
       He likes to chase his tail, and that really gets Majik barking - which results in more tail-chasing. He also likes to lounge around on the couch or on a pile of blankets. Sometimes he'll get a ball and spend quite a while throwing it around and chasing it all by himself. Outdoors, he's really into digging holes and barking at anything and everything. He loves to bark and listen to it echo on the other side of our valley.
       Yorik's favorite food would have to be ham, followed by anything else we are eating. Ice cream cones are high up on his "favorites" list too. He works hard to get his treats by "selling" toys or other items that he brings to us to trade for whatever he wants. 
       Besides performing in the Tricky Dog Show, Yorik visits five nursing homes/assisted living facilities each month as a Therapy Dog.  Every December he makes visits to several nursing homes with Santa Claus, pretending to be one of his reindeer!
       Yorik has an AKC Rally title (RE) and and AKC Obedience title (CD). He might go on to the next level in Obedience, but he really prefers doing his tricks over being in the obedience ring. In July, 2011, he earned his THD (Therapy Dog) title from the AKC for making over 50 Pet Therapy visits. He has the AKC  Canine Good Citizen title (CGC) and also has a Versatile Norwegian Elkhound (VNE) title through the Norwegian Elkhound Association of America. Yorik is a Pet Therapy volunteer for Hospice Compassus in Mountain Grove, MO. He passed his evaluation for Therapy Dogs International in 2008.

Here's a picture of the THD patch he earned:

Some photos of Yorik:

The collage above is from the weekend he earned his CD - October 2010.

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