Majik the Wonder Dog
Peer Gynt Could it Bee Majik BN, RN, THD, CGC, VNE, TDI
Breed: Norwegian Elkhound

       Majik was born October 1, 2007, in Minnesota. We drove to Iowa to pick her up from her breeder, and had to postpone our trip several times because the winter weather was so bad! When we got her, we were hoping she would be able to learn tricks and be a part of the Tricky Dog Show. We were amazed and thrilled to find that she had the same ability to learn and the desire to please that Yorik does.  She tries hard to understand what we want and do it correctly. She learns quickly and doesn't need much practice before she can perform a new trick. She's always been the "serious" one of the Tricky Dogs. Sometimes you can just SEE her thinking!
       She's pretty easy to dress up for Halloween too!
       Majik loves to take long walks around our farm, and she also enjoys digging huge holes in the yard.  Of all our dogs, she likes to be outdoors the most. She would spend all day lying in the front yard if she could. It doesn't matter what the season is - she sun bathes in the summer and lays in the snow in the winter.  Her favorite indoor fun is watching the squirrels out the window and sneaking into the linen closet to steal rolls of toilet paper, which she shreds into a million pieces. She also loves rough-housing with Yorik and the two of them together can really wreck the living room! When she chases Yorik, she loves to grab him by the tail and hang on while he pulls her around.
       Majik loves all kinds of bread, and Club Crackers really get her excited. She knows how to barter, and spends lots of her spare time trying to exchange things she finds around the house - socks, shoes, pieces of paper, tennis balls and floss toys - for treats! She's also a big fan of the McDonald's hamburger and fries combo.
       Besides performing in the Tricky Dog Show, Majik also visits five nursing homes/assisted living facilities each month as a Therapy Dog, where she enjoys getting petted and showing off for the residents. They all like to hear her "speak" because her bark is VERY loud - like a boy!
       Majik has an AKC Rally title (RN) and an AKC Obedience title (BN), and will probably continue training for the next levels of both. In July, 2011 she earned her THD (Therapy Dog) title from the AKC for making over 50 Pet Therapy visits. In 2010 Majik passed her Canine Good Citizen test (CGC) and also passed her evaluation for Therapy Dogs International. She has the Versatile Norwegian Elkhound title (VNE) from the Norwegian Elkhound Association of America, and is a Pet Therapy volunteer with Hospice Compassus in Mountain Grove MO.

Here's a picture of the THD patch she earned:

Some photos of Majik:

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