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A Gift From (private)


What a beauty! Restoration is underway. The pier was unfortunately destroyed by the contractors during removal from the rooftop.

The following images were taken just after bringing it home. More pictures will be added after restoration is complete.

Parrt of mount.


More parts of mount


Access Plate on Tube

Finder scope

Initial notes: Pier, original eyepieces, and eyepiece for finder missing. I made a temporary pier. This telescope uses 1-1/2" eyepieces. I had a set of small eyepieces that thread into a base, so I machined a piece to hold the base. I always make a new piece when doing something like this, so that the original may be used and it is not altered. 

Picture of the portable pier my father and I made last week.
I have since made a permanent pier.

Motor mounted.
(Since this picture was taken, the original base plate was located.)

The original eyepieces are 1-1/2" brass.


I decided not to repaint this. The paint is scratched in places, but I found a touch up color which is close. The original eyepieces are 1-1/2", so I made an adapter for standard 1.25" eyepieces. Then I found the tube is a little over 2", so I made a new eyepiece holder for 2" eyepieces, and an adapter for the 1-1/2" eyepieces, so now I can use almost any size.


Showing new holder for 2" with the old one

Under side of Fecker on Observatory Equatorial mount

Side view on mount

Original finder The eyepieces for the finder were not found, so I made an adapter to use some high quality screw-in eyepieces.

Showing new eyepieces and focus mechanism

Side view of tube on mount, with name tag and date (1946)

I made new knobs to replace worn ones, of course keeping the original labeled ones in a box.